Norwegian Environment Agency

We are working for a clean and rich environment. Our primary tasks are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage Norwegian nature, and prevent pollution.

Time to Fish for Litter

Marine debris threatens the maritime environment and harms sea life. Norwegian fishers... 24.08.15

International pressure is reducing emissions

Classic environmental toxins are on the wane after imposition of international bans and... 13.08.15

Ecosystem-based marine management

The Norwegian Government has developed integrated marine management plans for all... 19.05.15

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Insect repellents are one example of a biocidal product. Photo: Istockphoto

Biocidal products in Norway

Biocidal products are used to control harmful organisms.

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State of the Environment Norway

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The Norwegian PRTR

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The Product Information Bank

Efficient exchange of information of chemical products at the Norwegian market. The...