National restrictions for authorised insecticides

National restrictions apply for authorised insecticides against bed bugs, cockroaches and pharaoh ants.

Bed bugs, cockroaches and pharaoh ants are difficult to control due to their way of living and an increasing resistance problem. Efficient control of these insects is needed due to the low tolerance of their presence. Of that reason, the Norwegian authorities will apply certain national restrictions when authorising insecticides against these pest (in accordance with article 37 in the Biocidal Products Regulation).

Bait formulations

Only bait formulations will be authorised for use by the general public and professionals without proper training for combat of cockroaches and pharaoh ants. As for bed bugs, no bait formulations currently exist.

Bait formulations are generally considered to be more effective than other formulations. Baits deliver a higher insecticide dose than other formulations, thus reducing the risk of resistance development (due to exposure to sub lethal doses of insecticides). Furthermore, the risk of causing further dispersal of the insects will generally be less as well as the exposure to humans.

Other formulations

Other formulations (e.g. powder, liquid and spray formulations) will only be authorised for use by certified and trained professional users who have attended a national training course. These workers are considered to have the required knowledge, skills and experience in handling of infestations of these especially challenging insects avoiding ineffective treatment and further dispersal of the insects. They will have the necessary knowledge of risk mitigation measures as well as resistance management and integrated pest management, which is a prerequisite for efficient control of the insects.

Exceptions from these restrictions may be given in exceptional cases in the product authorisation, if the relevant products give no reason for concern related to the background for these national restrictions.

The restrictions will be introduced when insecticides are authorised according to the Biocidal Products Regulation in Norway.

For more information about authorisation of biocidal products, see Biocidal products in Norway