The Product Register

The Product Register is the official register of hazardous chemicals in Norway, and is administered by the Norwegian Environment Agency. The data is used by the authorities to monitor chemicals, perform risk analyses related to chemical substances, and to deal with acute situations.

The responsibility for complying with the declaration duty lies with the first party in Norway to import or manufacture a chemical that has to be declared, but the declaration work itself may be transferred to another company; for example an agent or manufacturer.

The Norwegian customer have to be given in a declaration from a foreign company.

The company responsible for the declaration shall report annual quantities, pay the annual fee for chemicals and keep the information updated.

Registration of Composition Information

Companies who don't want to give their Norwegian importer the complete information on the composition of a mixture due to confidentiality reasons, can send this directly to the Product Register by using the form "Raw material" - Composition information from the manufacturer".

Electronic System for Declaration of Chemicals

The Norwegian Environment Agency has launched an electronic system for declaration of chemicals for foreign companies. This is an English version of the electronic system used by the Norwegian companies.

To get access to the system, please send us a filled Application Form to You will receive an email with information about how to log into the system.

Alternatively send declaration forms, notification forms and report of annual quantities to:

The Product Register
Norwegian Environment Agency
PO Box 6257 Etterstad
NO-0603 Oslo, Norway

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How to create a raw material declaration to the Product Register