Program and information document

Food Systems for a Sustainable Future

Interlinkages between biodiversity and agriculture

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Program of the Conference

The eighth Trondheim Conference was divided into a series of thematic sessions, which alternate between plenary speeches, panel sessions and breakouts groups with roundtable discussions. The program can be downloaded here.

Information document for the Conference

The aim of the short Information document for the Trondheim Conference was to enable participants to prepare in advance of the Conference so that they can usefully engage in the discussions. The document provides a brief explanation of the topics/issues that will be discussed at the Conference. It also provides summaries of useful references for further reading, including resources or publications that are directly linked to the presentations under each session, and examples of key sources referred to in the recommendation related to mainstreaming adopted at the first session of CBD Subsidiary Body of Implementation. This Information document does not aim to be a definitive text, but a resource to support discussions during the meeting.