Peak for the Arctic fox in central Norway

The Arctic fox is heading for a good year, from Sylane to Saltfjellet. The populations i... 08.09.15

Time to Fish for Litter

Marine debris threatens the maritime environment and harms sea life. Norwegian fishers... 24.08.15

International pressure is reducing emissions

Classic environmental toxins are on the wane after imposition of international bans and... 13.08.15

Ecosystem-based marine management

The Norwegian Government has developed integrated marine management plans for all... 19.05.15

Quota regulated greenhouse gas emissions down for industry and up for oil and gas

Greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas companies increased last year, without new... 07.05.15

Increased control of traffic restrictions

As the nesting season gets underway now, a ban against going on land or moving about in ... 15.04.15

Norway helps preserve European biodiversity

The Norwegian Environment Agency has nominated 85 protected areas as new candidates for... 19.03.15

The rogues gallery of microplastics

The Norwegian Environment Agency has surveyed the origins of microplastics. The most... 05.03.15

Joint Norwegian-Russian report on air pollution in the border area

Both Norwegian and Russian authorities are monitoring air quality in the border area between Norway and Russia in order keep an eye on the emissions from mining and smeltery... 04.03.15