Climate gas monitoring at the Zeppelin station. Annual report 2001

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1903 | Published by: Norsk institutt for luftforskning

10.01.03 Rapporten presenterer aktiviteter og måleresultater fra klimagassovervåkingen ved Zeppelinstasjon...

National Inventory Report 2002: Norway : Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Norway 1990-2000

Category: Report | Number: TA-1886 | Published by: Statens forurensningstilsyn

26.09.02 Preliminary figures show that the total emissions of Norwegian greenhouse gases, measured as...

Norwegian Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

Category: Report | Number: DN-report 1b-2002 | Published by:

28.06.02 This report gives an evaluation of Norwegian nature before the new millennium.

Implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive in Norway- An Evaluation of the Norwegian Approach regarding Wastewater Treatment

Category: Report | Number: TA-1892 | Published by: NIVA

01.03.02 This report discusses the effects and benefits of full implementation of the Urban Waste Water...

Air Pollution Effects in the Norwegian – Russian Border Area

Category: Report | Number: TA-1860 | Published by: SFT

01.03.02 Den norske regjering og den nordiske investeringsbanken (NIB) støtter moderniseringen av et...

Estimating the net emissions of CO2 from harvested wood products : A comparison of different approaches

Category: Report | Number: TA-1831 | Published by: Statistisk sentralbyrå

12.12.01 This report presents analyses of carbon storage in harvested wood products and forest in Norway. ...

Distribution of marine, benthic macroorganisms in Norway

Category: Monitoring report | Number: DN-utredning 3-2001 | Published by:

31.08.01 This version of “Distribution of marine, benthic macro-organisms in Norway”, is a revised edition...

Direct and riverine inputs to Norwegian coastal waters - 1999 : Ospar Commission. A: Principles and discussions. B: Data report

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1793 | Published by: Aquateam Norsk vannteknologisk senter A/S

09.07.01 Riverine inputs of nutrients, selected heavy metals and one persistent organic pollutant (lindane...

Photochemical oxidants in North-Western Europe 1976-79

Category: Monitoring report | Number: | Published by: NILU


Overview of Norwegian analytical methods 1981-2000 : Joint Assessment and Monitoring Programme (JAMP)

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1800 | Published by:

This report is a compilation of analytical method codes and descriptions used in the Norwegian...

Harmonised Quantification and Reporting Procedures (HARP-HAZ Prototype)

Category: Report | Number: TA-1789 | Published by: Statens forurensningstilsyn

28.03.01 At the Fourth North Sea Conference in 1995, ministers invited Norway, as host country for the nex...

Marine organisms

Category: Monitoring report | Number: | Published by:

28.02.01 Actual and potential effects of introduced marine organisms in Norwegian waters, including Svalbard.

Development of HARP Guidelines : Harmonised Quantification and Reporting Procedures for Nutrients

Category: Report | Number: TA-1759 | Published by: Norsk institutt for vannforskning

03.01.01 Ministers at the Fourth North Sea Conference invited Norway to develop transparent and harmonised...

Report from the first meeting of the International Contact Forum on Habitat Conservation in the Barents Region

Category: Report | Number: DN-notat 6-2000 | Published by:

30.11.00 This report includes the presentations, conclusions and protocol from the first meeting of the...

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Norway 1990-1998 : reporting according to the UNFCCC guidelines

Category: Report | Number: TA-1742 | Published by: Statens forurensningstilsyn

07.11.00 The report presents an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and sinks in Norway from 1990 to 199...

Environmental objectives for Norwegian aquaculture

Category: Report | Number: DN-notat 3b-2000 | Published by:

31.10.00 Resultatrapporten for 1999 viser framdriften i de mål som er satt opp i "Miljømål for norsk...

Verification of the Norwegian emission inventory : comparing emission intensity values with similar countries

Category: Report | Number: TA-1736 | Published by: Statistisk sentralbyrå

01.09.00 The main goals of this work have been to suggest possible statistical data to use as indicators f...

Heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants in sediments and fish from lakes in Northern and Arctic regions of Norway

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1427 | Published by: Akvaplan NIVA as


National Comments to the Norwegian Data for 1995:Joint Assessment and Monitoring Programme (JAMP) :

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1405 | Published by:

22.05.00 Rapporten er en del av Norges bidrag til SIME 1997-møtet arrangert av OSPARCOM. JAMP 1995...

Contaminants in shellfish and fish 1981-92 : Norwegian biota data

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1156 | Published by:

22.05.00 Programmet JMP gjelder tilstand og utvikling i konsentrasjonene av kadmium, bly, kvikksølv, kobbe...