Paris Convention : Annual report on direct and riverine inputs to Norwegian coastal waters during the year 1992 : A: Principles, results and discussion. B: Data report

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1007 | Published by:

18.05.00 Riverine inputs of nutrients, selected heavy metals and organic micropollutants to Norwegian...

Summary report on levels of polychlorinated dibenzofurans/dibenso-p-dioxins and non-ortho polychlorinated biphenyls in marine organisms and sediments in Norway

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1242 | Published by:

18.05.00 Selected data on polychlorinated dibenzofurans/dibenzo-p-dioxins ("dioxins") and non-orhto-polych...

National comments regarding the Norwegian data for 1998 and supplementary investigations on cod (1996) and sediment (1996-1997):Joint assessment and monitoring programme (JAMP)

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-1702 | Published by:

12.04.00 This report is part of the Norwegian contribution to the SIME 2000 meeting administrated by OSPAR...

Guidelines for the risk assessment of contaminated sites

Category: Guidelines | Number: TA-1691 | Published by: Norges geotekniske institutt

12.04.00 A system has been developed for risk assessment of contaminated sites in relation to use of land...

Environmental objectives for Norwegian aquaculture

Category: Report | Number: DN-notat 7b- 1999 | Published by:

23.12.99 This report assesses the extent to which the "Environmental objectives for Norwegian aquaculture"...

Environmental objectives for Norwegian aquaculture

Category: Report | Number: DN-rapport 1b-1999 | Published by:

31.05.99 This report is a presentation of the sectoral and environmental authorities’ joint environmental...

Foredrag fra Nordisk symposium om fiskepassasjer

Category: Report | Number: DN-notat 1-1999 | Published by:

30.04.99 Foredrag fra Nordisk symposium om fiskepassasjer. Delt opp i kapitler se nederst på siden.

Distribution of marine benthic macro-organisms at Svalbard (including Bear Island) and Jan Mayen

Category: Report | Number: DN-utredning 4-1999 | Published by:

26.02.99 Rapporten viser utbredelsen av marine bunnlevende makroorganismer (alger, evertebrater og fisk) v...

Too early may be too late

Category: Monitoring report | Number: DN-utredning 1-1999 | Published by:

29.01.99 Utredningen omhandler nakent DNA, og beskriver bl.a. naturlige prosesser for genoverføring.

Uptake of elements from industrial air pollution in South Varanger reindeer - a follow-up study

Category: Monitoring report | Number: DN-utredning 4-1997 | Published by:

29.08.97 Denne rapporten presenterer resultatene fra undersøkelser av konsentrasjonen av nikkel, arsen,...

Atmospheric corrosion tests along the Norwegian-Russian border. Part II

Category: Monitoring report | Number: | Published by: NILU


Opportunities and problems associated with the development of arctic tourism - a case study from Svalbard

Category: Report | Number: DN-notat 1-1996 | Published by:

30.04.96 The case study of tourism management in Svalbard was executed in 1995 to support the Arctic...

Impacts of climate change at high latitudes on terrestrial plants and invertebrates

Category: Monitoring report | Number: DN-utredning 1-1993 | Published by:

31.03.93 Invertebrater har alltid respondert på klimaendringer. Denne fleksibilitet tilsier at mange arter...