Monitoring of the atmospheric ozone layer and natural ultraviolet radiation: Annual report 2015.

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-561 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet, NILU, UiO

16.09.16 This report summarizes the results from the Norwegian monitoring programme on stratospheric ozone...

Screening of UV chemicals, bisphenols and siloxanes in the Arctic

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-598 | Published by: NPI, Aquaplan-NIVA, NILU

15.09.16 The purpose of this project is to investigate the incidence of UV chemicals, bisphenols and...

Mixture toxicity contribution of emerging and legacy contaminants in environmental monitoring data from Norway

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-464 | Published by: University of Gothenburg

15.09.16 This reports provides a screening‐level mixture risk assessment of chemical monitoring data...

Environmental Contaminants in an Urban Fjord,2015

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-601 | Published by: NIVA

13.09.16 This programme, “Environmental Contaminants in an Urban Fjord” has covered sampling and analysis ...

Survey of endocrine disruptors in toys and articles for children

Category: Report | Number: M-590 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

29.06.16 58 samples of toys and other articles for children were analysed for phthalates, bisphenols, alky...

Cold venting and fugitive emissions from Norwegian offshore oil and gas activities – summary report

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-515 | Published by: add novatech as

21.06.16 The report presents a survey and mapping of direct methane and NMVOC emissions from Norwegian...

Primary microplastic- pollution: Measures and reduction potentials in Norway

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-545 | Published by: Mepex

19.04.16 This report describes and assesses both generic and specific measures to reduce microplastic...

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2014, Annexes to NIR 2016

Category: Report | Number: M-535 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

14.04.16 11 annekser til Norges utslippsrapportering av klimagasser til FN.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2014, National Inventory Report

Category: Report | Number: M-534 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

14.04.16 Norges utslippsrapportering av klimagasser for perioden 1990-2014 til FN.

Environmental challenges related to offshore mining and gas hydrate extraction

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-532 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

11.04.16 This report summarizes the current knowledge of known resources of deep-sea minerals and gas...

Climate mitigation measures up to 2030

Category: Report | Number: M494 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

31.03.16 Using the Norwegian Environment Agency report Climate mitigation measures and emission trajectori...

Effect of maintenance on particulate emissions from residential woodstoves

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-518 | Published by: Sintef

18.03.16 Literature review and test results from particulate matter measurements based on Norwegian Standa...

Informative Inventory Report (IIR) 2016 Norway

Category: Report | Number: M-497 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

14.03.16 This report documents the methodologies used in the Norwegian emission inventory of acidifying...

Screening program 2014

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-446 | Published by: NIVA, NILU

23.02.16 The occurrence and environmental risk of a number of phosphites and selected PBT substances are...

Chlorinated organic solvents in indoor play sand

Category: Report | Number: M-499 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

17.02.16 Five samples of indoor play sand of different brands were analyzed for content of trichloroethyle...

Riverine inputs and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters – 2014

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-439 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet m.fl.

09.02.16 Riverine inputs and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters in 2014 have been estimated in...

Monitoring of greenhouse gases and aerosols at Svalbard and Birkenes in 2014

Category: Report | Number: M-454 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

05.02.16 The report summarises the activities and results of the greenhouse gas monitoring at the Zeppelin...

Arctic foxes must not be disturbed

Category: Fact sheet | Number: M-460 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

08.12.15 The arctic fox was designated a priority species in January 2015 and a new regula-tion came into...