Digital standard for safety data sheets

Category: Fact sheet | Number: M-67 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

29.10.13 The Climate and Pollution Agency has developed an electronic standardized format for safety data...

Perfluorinated alkylated substances, brominated flame retardants and chlorinated paraffins in the Norwegian Environment - Screening 2013

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-40 | Published by:

24.10.13 This report presents findings from the 2013 screening study conducted by the Norwegian Climate an...

Monitoring of the atmospheric ozone layer and natural ultraviolet radiation: Annual report 2012

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-13 | Published by: NILU

22.10.13 Rapporten presenterer måledata for totalozon og UV-stråling over norske målestasjoner i 2012. (SP...

Non-target screening – A powerful tool for selecting environmental pollutants

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-27 | Published by: NILU

01.10.13 The main goal with this project was to test the potential and practicalness of the available...

Guidance for Suppliers of Articles

Category: Guidelines | Number: M-43 | Published by: ECHA

26.09.13 This guidance is aimed to help suppliers of articles – i.e. producers, importers, wholesalers and...

Monitoring of greenhouse gases and aerosols at Svalbard and Birkenes: Annual report 2011

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA 3035 | Published by: NILU

30.06.13 Monitoring of greenhouse gasses and aerosols at Svalbard and Birkenes. Annual report 2011

Folgefonna National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-213 | Published by:

30.06.13 Folgefonna National Park brochure.

Biosafety Report 2013/01

Category: Other | Number: Biosafety Report 2013/01 | Published by:

28.06.13 Genetically Modified Potato with Increased Resistance to P. infestans. -Selecting Testing Species...

Environmental risks related to the release of genetically modified plants with the focus on oilseed rape (Brassica napus)

Category: Other | Number: NINA Project Report 15 | Published by: NINA-NIKU

28.06.13 Against a background of a global increase in production and release of genetically modified plant...

Annexes to National Inventory Report

Category: Report | Number: TA-3031 | Published by: Klif

18.04.13 Vedlegg til National Inventory Report

National Inventory Report, Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2011

Category: Report | Number: TA-3030 | Published by: Klif

18.04.13 Norges rapportering av utslipp av klimagasser for årene 1990-2011. Rapporten viser hvordan de uli...

Climate and Pollution Agency – International Projects and Partnerships 2012

Category: Report | Number: TA-3015 | Published by: Klif

14.03.13 The report describes the agency's work with partners, mainly authorities in other countries, to...

Compilation of Norwegian Screening Data for Selected Contaminants (2002 – 2012)

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-2982 | Published by: Klif

06.03.13 This report presents a summary of 10 year of screening studies of emerging or newly prioritized...

Hazardous substances in plastic materials

Category: Report | Number: TA-3017 | Published by: Klif

19.02.13 The report presents information on the most used plastic types and their characteristics and uses...

Deposition of major inorganic compounds in Norway 2007-2011

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-2992 | Published by: NILU

07.02.13 Avsetning av svovel og nitrogenforbindelser i Norge i perioden 2007-2011 er beregnet på basis av...

Hazardous substances in fjords and coastal waters - 2011

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-2974 | Published by: NIVA

16.01.13 The Norwegian contribution to OSPAR’s Coordinated Environmental Monitoring Programme (CEMP)...

Riverine inputs and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters – 2011

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-2986 | Published by: NIVA

09.01.13 Riverine inputs and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters in 2011 have been estimated in...

Effects of changes in monitoring design on precision of time trend assessments for contaminants in biota

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-2939 | Published by: NIVA

28.12.12 Data from the CEMP program has been used to analyse how the precision of trend assessments will b...

Skarvan og Roltdalen National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: | Published by:

21.12.12 Skarvan og Roltdalen National Park brochure.

Sjunkhatten National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: | Published by:

21.12.12 Sjunkhatten National Park brochure.