Quaternary ammonium compounds

Category: Report | Number: M-263 | Published by: Norden

This report describes the findings of a Nordic environmental study. The quaternary ammoniums...

Environmental Contaminants in an Urban Fjord

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-205 | Published by: NIVA

This programme, “Environmental Contaminants in an Urban Fjord” has covered sampling and analysis ...

Potential PFOA Precursors

Category: Report | Number: M-231 | Published by: University of Oslo

17.09.14 The overall objective of the present project is to summarize relevant information available in th...

Monitoring of the atmospheric ozone layer and natural ultraviolet radiation: Annual report 2013

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-201 | Published by:

Rapporten presenterer måledata for totalozon og UV-stråling over norske målestasjoner i 2013. For...

Screening program 2013 – New bisphenols, organic peroxides, fluorinated siloxanes, organic UV filters and selected PBT substances

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-176 | Published by: Norsk institutt for vannforskning (NIVA), Norsk institutt for luftforskning (NILU)

12.09.14 Forekomsten og miljørisiko av en rekke nye bisfenoler, organiske peroksider, fluorerte siloksaner...

Monitoring of long-range transported air pollutants in Norway, annual report 2015

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-562 | Published by: NILU

04.08.14 This report presents results from the monitoring of atmospheric composition and deposition of air...

Risk of Combination Effects Between Decabromodiphenyl Ether and Other Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers

Category: Report | Number: M-223 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

01.07.14 Decabromodiphenyl ether BDE-209 acts as a slow-relase reeservoir for lower brominated, more toxic...

Fulufjellet National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-185 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

06.06.14 Fulufjellet National Park brochure.

Færder National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-184 | Published by: Mljødirektoratet

06.06.14 Færder National Park brochure.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2012, Annexes to National Inventory Report.

Category: Report | Number: M-138 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

13.05.14 Tretten annekser til Norges utslippsrapportering av klimagasser til FN.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2012, National Inventory Report

Category: Report | Number: M-137 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

13.05.14 Norges utslippsrapportering av klimagasser for perioden 1990-2012 til FN

Summary of proposed action plan for Norwegian emissions of shortlived climate forcers

Category: Report | Number: M-135 | Published by:

27.03.14 The Norwegian Environment Agency, on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, has prepared a...

Informative Inventory Report (IIR) 2014. Norway. Air Pollutant Emissions 1980-2012

Category: Report | Number: M-125 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

21.03.14 This report documents the methodologies used in the Norwegian emission inventory of acidifying...

Tallknusing av miljøovervåkingsdata

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-139 | Published by: NIVA

13.03.14 Natural populations are affected by a range of factors, including climate and contaminants. In th...

Riverine Inputs and Direct Discharges to Norwegian Costal Waters – 2012

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-80 | Published by: Norsk institutt for vannforskning

26.02.14 Riverine inputs and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters in 2012 have been estimated in...

A strategy for inspection and enforcement (work) 2012-2015

Category: Fact sheet | Number: M-42 | Published by:

05.02.14 The Norwegian Environment Agency work to ensure compliance with the national regulations on...

Contaminants in coastal waters of Norway 2012

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-69 | Published by: NIVA

20.01.14 This programme examines long term changes for legacy and some emerging contaminants in biota alon...

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-192 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

13.12.13 Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park brochure.

Biomarkers for Environmental Monitoring - Suggestions for Norwegian monitoring programmes

Category: Report | Number: M-88 | Published by:

12.12.13 In Norway, monitoring of chemical contamination is performed within four different environmental...

Láhko National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-214 | Published by:

11.12.13  Láhko National Park brochure.