Contaminants in coastal waters of Norway 2012

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-69 | Published by: NIVA

20.01.14 This programme examines long term changes for legacy and some emerging contaminants in biota alon...

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-192 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

13.12.13 Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park brochure.

Biomarkers for Environmental Monitoring - Suggestions for Norwegian monitoring programmes

Category: Report | Number: M-88 | Published by:

12.12.13 In Norway, monitoring of chemical contamination is performed within four different environmental...

Láhko National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-214 | Published by:

11.12.13  Láhko National Park brochure.

Siloxanes in freshwater food webs

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-81 | Published by:

30.11.13 Presence, sources and food web biomagnification of cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes (cVMS) was...

CEPA-action plan for wetlands 2011-2014

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-76 | Published by:

21.11.13 The aim of the CEPA Action Plan is to contribute to strengthening awareness of the value of...

Existing time-series of marine biodiversity and the need for nature-type mapping in Svalbard waters. Akvaplan-niva AS Rapport: 6229 - 2

Category: Commissioned report | Number: M-260 | Published by:

30.10.13 Status, financing, and value for developing management strategies in a changing Arctic.

Digital standard for safety data sheets

Category: Fact sheet | Number: M-67 | Published by: Miljødirektoratet

29.10.13 The Climate and Pollution Agency has developed an electronic standardized format for safety data...

Perfluorinated alkylated substances, brominated flame retardants and chlorinated paraffins in the Norwegian Environment - Screening 2013

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-40 | Published by:

24.10.13 This report presents findings from the 2013 screening study conducted by the Norwegian Climate an...

Monitoring of the atmospheric ozone layer and natural ultraviolet radiation: Annual report 2012

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-13 | Published by: NILU

22.10.13 Rapporten presenterer måledata for totalozon og UV-stråling over norske målestasjoner i 2012. (SP...

Non-target screening – A powerful tool for selecting environmental pollutants

Category: Monitoring report | Number: M-27 | Published by: NILU

01.10.13 The main goal with this project was to test the potential and practicalness of the available...

Guidance for Suppliers of Articles

Category: Guidelines | Number: M-43 | Published by: ECHA

26.09.13 This guidance is aimed to help suppliers of articles – i.e. producers, importers, wholesalers and...

Monitoring of greenhouse gases and aerosols at Svalbard and Birkenes: Annual report 2011

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA 3035 | Published by: NILU

30.06.13 Monitoring of greenhouse gasses and aerosols at Svalbard and Birkenes. Annual report 2011

Folgefonna National Park

Category: Leaflet | Number: M-213 | Published by:

30.06.13 Folgefonna National Park brochure.

Biosafety Report 2013/01

Category: Other | Number: Biosafety Report 2013/01 | Published by:

28.06.13 Genetically Modified Potato with Increased Resistance to P. infestans. -Selecting Testing Species...

Environmental risks related to the release of genetically modified plants with the focus on oilseed rape (Brassica napus)

Category: Other | Number: NINA Project Report 15 | Published by: NINA-NIKU

28.06.13 Against a background of a global increase in production and release of genetically modified plant...

Annexes to National Inventory Report

Category: Report | Number: TA-3031 | Published by: Klif

18.04.13 Vedlegg til National Inventory Report

National Inventory Report, Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1990-2011

Category: Report | Number: TA-3030 | Published by: Klif

18.04.13 Norges rapportering av utslipp av klimagasser for årene 1990-2011. Rapporten viser hvordan de uli...

Climate and Pollution Agency – International Projects and Partnerships 2012

Category: Report | Number: TA-3015 | Published by: Klif

14.03.13 The report describes the agency's work with partners, mainly authorities in other countries, to...

Compilation of Norwegian Screening Data for Selected Contaminants (2002 – 2012)

Category: Monitoring report | Number: TA-2982 | Published by: Klif

06.03.13 This report presents a summary of 10 year of screening studies of emerging or newly prioritized...