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The Norwegian Environment Agency is the Norwegian responsible authority for various chemical regulations, comprising several lists of substances. With Kjemikaliesøk you may find how chemical substances are regulated and which substances that are listed in the respective regulations.

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The contents of Kjemikaliesøk is limited to the information available in the different regulations and lists. Some substances are included as single substances and others are included as groups of substances. When searching for a specific CAS number you might not get a hit because the regulation in question covers a group of substances not identified by CAS numbers. You are also advised to search for the substance name, as some substances are not listed with CAS- or EC numbers, Kjemikaliesøk is not legally binding, please refer to the legal texts.

If your substance is present in one or more of these lists, you should always consider whether the best way forward is to phase-out or substitute the substance. The listing might indicate that:

  • the substance is banned or restricted to certain uses; or
  • it is subject to an authorization; or
  • you are required to provide information regarding safe use; or
  • that work is underway to regulate the substance

Search for a substance or pick a list

You may search for a certain substance (eg. name, CAS number) and find how it is regulated, or you may pick the list you are interested in an discover which substances are included.

Which regulations and lists are included in Kjemikaliesøk?

The following lists and regulations are included:

  1. Biocide active substances approved in the following product types
  2. Biocide active substances under review in these product types
  3. Regulation on export and import of certain hazardous chemicals (implements the obligations in the Rotterdam convention)
  4. Toys regulation (implements the EU Directive on the safety of toys)
  5. Normative values for soil ("soil is considered contaminated when normative values are exceeded. Pollution regulations chapter 1)
  6. Norwegian List of Priority Substances (a list of prioritized substances with a national target to eliminate or substantially reduce the releases of)
  7. Product regulations (regulations relating to restrictions on the manufacture, import, export, sale and use of chemicals and other products hazardous to health and the environment. Implements the Regulation regarding persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
  8. REACH Candidate list (SVHC list) 
  9. REACH Annex XIV (Authorization list)
  10. REACH Annex XVII (Restriction list)
  11. The water regulation (Implements the EU Water Framework Directive)


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