Contaminants in coastal waters: 2022

Om publikasjonen

This report presents the findings from monitoring contaminants in coastal waters performed in 2022.

The Norwegian environmental monitoring programme “Contaminants in coastal waters” (Miljøgifter i kystområdene - Milkys) examines the levels, trends, and effects of contaminants annually in biota along the Norwegian fjords and coastline including Svalbard. 

The 2022 investigation included analyses of more than 180 different contaminants or biological effect parameters in five species (blue mussel, cod, dogwhelk, common periwinkle, and common eider). 

The contaminants measured include metals, TBT, PCBs, PAHs, PBDEs, PFAS, HBCDs, chlorinated paraffins, siloxanes, and pesticides. Biological effect parameters investigated include imposex (VDSI) and intersex (ISI), PAH-metabolites, ALA-D, and EROD.